Bona Fortuna Estate

Welcome to Bona Fortuna Estate, Ketu, Epe – Your Fortune Begins Here!

Bona Fortuna Estate invites you to step into a world of opportunity and prosperity. Nestled in the vibrant city of Epe, this exclusive estate offers a unique blend of luxury, growth, and an unmatched investment potential.

Witness the progress unfold in our project gallery. Explore the meticulous development that sets Bona Fortuna Estate apart as a symbol of excellence and promise.

Your Fortune Begins Here…
More than a tagline, it’s a promise. Bona Fortuna Estate is not just an investment; it’s the beginning of a prosperous journey for you and your family.

5 Million Naira

500,000 Naira

300,000 Naira

100,000 Naira

Seize this golden opportunity to secure your fortune. Act now and be part of the success story in the thriving city of Epe.

Contact us to schedule a site visit and experience firsthand the allure of Bona Fortuna Estate. Your fortune begins here – where luxury meets investment, and dreams become reality.

Prime Location

Strategically situated on the major expressway of Epe-Ikorodu Expressway, Bona Fortuna Estate provides not just a home but a high-end investment for both present and future gains.

Unmatched ROI

Join the league of savvy investors benefiting from Epe's land appreciation progress. With a price tag of 5 Million Naira, the estate promises a substantial Return on Investment.

Security and Privacy

Your safety and peace of mind are paramount. Bona Fortuna Estate will come with standard estate features such as perimeter fencing and will boast a secure and top notch gatehouse amongst others, ensuring a protected and private living environment.

Freehold Title

Invest confidently with a freehold land title, complemented by a Registered Survey and Deed of Assignment – providing you with the assurance you deserve.

Completely Sold Plots 81%